Saturday, November 03, 2007

Yes, I put on weight

That's my answer to Arc's question. I thought I should get a new scale because of the one I have at home adds 2kgs to my pre-Lebaran reading but not after Arc brutally asked me that question the first time she saw me this morning.

Thus, I want to dedicate this 'achievement' to those who have invited me to their open houses - Niza of Affin Investment, fellow taggers Nini and Elf, Kuntum, open surau and open offices that happened last week. And just to clarify, this 'achievement' has nothing to do with my Kuntum who is vacationing in Australia.

Elf's open house was great - with nice foods (as in other open houses I attended), otherwise I won't be there for almost four hours. Went there with Yam who was summoned to pick me up at 2pm sharp but she was over-punctual since Delinn said that her exam would finish by 1pm. We arrived at Elf's house by then only to find out that Delinn's exam will only finish at around 2.45pm - which she arrived like around 4pm. Angah+Wan and Arc were on their way out when we arrived, we missed Fara and were joined later by OB,Combi and two other aweks.

The 'mi ibu mertuaku' was great. I did ask Elf what type of mi was that - mi rebus or mi bandung or mi whatchamacallit? And Elf only said it's Famil's her mother-in-law's secret recipe which she calls 'mi ibu mertuaku'. I'm out of words to describe how good it was. And Delinn would be out of words too as she was really busy enjoying it. We wanted to stay on for dinner until Mira quietly asked her mom, "Kawan mama ni tidur sini ke?" Like mom like daughter lah meks ni.

Famil, itu hint bila nak buat open house ajak aku makan2 ni?

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