Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lights dimmed on Ducks

(This entry was written with 3:30 left in 4th Quarter)

Should Dennis Dixon stay healthy last week and judging from the way Ducks played early in the 1st quarter, Ducks would have easily beat the Wildcats. And Ducks would sit pretty at #2.

Should Dennis Dixon stay healthy this week, Ducks would have no problem outclassing UCLA; and with #1 LSU Tigers downed by Arkansas, Ducks would have been #1 when the new poll released on Monday.

Hopes are still high even without Dixon for Ducks to finish top of the Pac-10 and play in at least Rose Bowl or even Fiesta Bowl on 1st January. But, after three quarters of shutout by the Bruins, I dare not to hope, no one would. I didn't even stay up to watch the ESPN Gamecast like what I did many months before.

As I was sleeping next to my notebook and the ESPN Gamecast was showcassing Ducks-Bruins game, I occasionally open my eyes to look at the score and Ducks score didn't change - 0. I know Bruins are also having troubles to score with only a field goal in each of the quarter but Ducks are having more troubles - they're without even a field goal in every quarter. And I saw Ducks are using even its 4th QB, I don't know what happened to Bloody Brady Leaf but he just couldn't connect, the way Dixon did. Please don't remind me that Brady is the brother of NFL star QB, Ryan - this doesn't add value!

Anyway, it's been a season to remember. So close - to the National Championship and Heisman in Dixon - yet so far. I'll now set my mind to Holiday Bowl in San Diego on 27/12 or maybe Sun Bowl in El Paso on 31/12.
Oh... the game has just ended 0 to the Ducks and 16 to the Bruins. It was the first time Ducks been shutout since losing to Michigan 0-63 22 years ago.

A bit of recap of Ducks-Bruins game: Leaf left the field injured late in the 1st quarter. Jonathan Stewart, couldn't carry the team by himself as he has been hampered by a sore right big toe. The Pac-10's leading rusher with a 127.3-yard per game average was held to only 33 yards on 13 carries. And interestingly, out from nowhere, UCLA would get the Rose Bowl bid should UCLA upset USC and Arizona top No. 7 Arizona State on the last day of the regular season next week.

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hari tu aku tengok this american football on astro...paham sikit sekarang ...quite interesting + lively and very colorful...thanks for the explanation bro...tapi that game aku rasa team oregon kalah kot..

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