Thursday, November 01, 2007

'Nothing' happened

Nothing much happened this week or to brag about.

In the media, it's all about the economic corridors. From 'weeping tears in the past' aka Wilayah Ekonomi Pantai Timur (WEPT) to the one in the north (NCER) which TV3 Primetime News dubbed as had 'membuahkan' hasil. The 'buah' isn't about the employment opportunities it created or the FDIs that came in or the increase GDP for nothern states people. Instead it's really 'fruitful - the corn they grew which now are ready to be marketed, not overseas but in Tesco stores nationwide.

Well, do we really need economic region/coridor to grow corns which will then be sold locally? Ahh, and anyone dares to challenge me that those corns sold in pasar malam taste much better than those sold in hypermarkets? I wonder in which economic corridor they grow those corns sold in pasar malam?

Besides that, nothing much happened this week or to brag about.

Oh yeah what about the top police officer who confessed that he's the one being investigated by the ACA on his undeclared RM27 million worth of wealth?

If I'm not mistaken, anyone under the probe of ACA (especially top government officials, I assume) should be suspended or go on leave until the investigation finished. Yet, he is still planning to go to umrah and haji by end of the year when I think a person being investigated isn't allowed to leave the country until he/she is proven innocent. Well, they're the untouchable cops and they're getting more budget to buy bullet-proof vests and someone will be rich selling bullet-proof vests.

Oopppsss... besides these, nothing much happened this week or to brag about.

Anyway, just got something from someone who just returned fom somewhere...

and if everything goes well (amieennn), my parents will be sending their son to the 'moon' in 2010 if not earlier (amieennn)

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