Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cornful, perutful and bloody fool

It's been a week now since my last entry. Seriously there's nothing much happened last week as watching Primetime News now is just like watching another tv commercial sponsored by the ruling party.

Syawal is over, thank God! Last week, I had another round open houses and open departments, which someone refer to as "Sambutan Lebarkan (your waistline)" instead of "Sambutan Lebaran". Went to lunamayalunamaya's open house to catch up with my ex-bosses who are now bosses in other places and ex-colleagues, besides one of the bestest nasi dagang I ever had (note 1). And Puan Lat brought 'kacang rebus' which she said best served to bloggers (like me) whom KJ described as monkeys.

Had 'cornful' discussion too (note 2), lots of them, which I've been prewarned not to publish in my blog. Miss all of you! I don't intend to post any pix here, they're not pretty chicks, trust me! and I miss the laksa in Abg Zainal's open house, it was so good... trust me! And I miss my pre-Lebaran weight and waistline, trust me!

Trust me, nothing much happened except for the tens of thousand of people gathered in Dataran Merdeka rallying and calling for a fairer and more transparent election, or whatever. Trust me nothing much happened until the police squad sprayed chemicals to disperse those people. Then a lot of things happened.

And the police chief is trying to find some Acts to charge these people, which I think he should take precedence if he couldn't find any Act related. What about the one when KJ and the crooks Pukimaktera Amno who protested during Condy's visit in July last year to attend the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting. They burned US flags an effigy of Condy, beat an effigy of Bush with sticks and KJ was heard shouting, "Dr. Rice, I will not leave until you come out!" (read here). Was the protest/rally legal (I mean with permit, not based on the subjective judgment of the government and police)?

And ohhh I think beruk is KJ's favorite pet. From : The prime minister’s son in law urged the police to arrest the participants of the Bersih gathering because no police permit was issued, therefore making it haram. He advised opposition supporters not to act like beruks and challenged them to take the fight to the elections and not the streets. He also called them hypocrites. This came after calling bloggers monkeys. And I've black ass, try trust me! and surely I'm not a red-ass monkey.

And ohh.. University of Oregon football was idle last week but the lost of Ohio State propelled the Ducks to rank #2 which if the Ducks win the next three games will see them playing in the National Championship game in Sugar Bowl, New Orleans. QB Dennis Dixon has further stamped his mark as the leading candidate for the Heisman award.

Besides those, nothing much happened, especially when someone is away, far far away...

Btw, check out Elf's tribute to Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee, it's hillarious and this explains why this Aci Aci Bukak Pintu song is stucked in my head and I've this song as my ringtone now. :-)

Note 1: If you're thinking of serving Laksa Johor for your open house, try Top Line Caterer Sdn Bhd, tel no: 03-2693 4625 or 03-2692 7860. I'm doing this for free ok, just like TV3 advertizing government's propaganda during primetime news for free.

Note 2: I'll now use 'cornful' instead of fruitful, to take pride of the successful of corn-growing project of the NCER, which the government is really proud of and make a big hu-ha about it.

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Anonymous said... are good in words Bro...

On the Axes gathering..we sure will do another round when our Nik Aziz rep is next in KL again..real soon I guess and I am honored to offer my place again..not a problem - for old time sake.


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