Tuesday, November 06, 2007

While you're away

I am having fun, yeah!
At the same time, widening my waist, yeah!
Oh yeah, with lots of pretty chicks err makciks err ladies.
You would've been in the pictures if you're around.
Anyway, I know you're having good times, too, with koala bears there. :-)

That shows how you're missed here.
And, you should be more worried if I take lots of pictures with pretty boys than those pretty chicks err makciks err ladies. :-)
I also need to keep myself busy and my stomach full so that I don't feel lonely .
And I don't want to isolate myself especially away from girls foods.

Joe, this article is for you, too... hahahaha
Think again if you want to make your blog private.
Online friends pun ok, apa?
At least these online friends care if you 'mampus' ke tak there in US.
I'm dead, man, if Joe is deeply offended with this statement

Delinn je tak berani nak ambil gambar berdua-duaan dengan aku, aku tak tau kenapa?


Anonymous said...


bila masanya aku tak berani nak ambik gambar berduaan dgn ko? bila? bila?? hahahah kosser occayyy


Elf said...

deo yang takut amik gambo dgn delinn...

limaupurut said...


aku terhidu sedikit kesayuan dalam post ini. Adakah?


K i a H R o N g G e n G said...

alahh..dah rinduw ngan kuntum le tu! mak dinch uolss...

[baru belajaq perkataan dinch belasah je boh tang mana suka..wakahakahkah]

Elf said...

Salah penggunaan perkataan dinch tu , yam...Dinch bermaksud : didn't, don't, doesn't..

Contoh penggunaan ayat :
Mek speku Deo sentapz Delinn dinch hingin amik gambar berdua dengan Deo.
(I reckon Deo's angry because Delinn doesn't want to take picture alone with him)

Sila belajar lagi, ya Yammmmm...

MalimKundang said...

nilah kali pertama aku nampak muka deo yg sebenonya.. ahaksss

Anonymous said...


Jgn lupa my house petang nie with Puan Lat and the gang tau!


Anonymous said...

apasallll lama sangat entry nih?? nampak sangat ko lonelyyy kekekeke


zarina said...

i miss kak sarimah too.....and gosip2 nye.

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