Saturday, November 24, 2007

To the left, to the left

If you're in Malaysia now, Kuala Lumpur shouldn't be your destination this weekend. There'll be roadblocks by the police in major roads going into the city and for the second time this month, there'll be another large-scale gathering, this time organized by Hindraf "to submit a petition with 100,000 signatures to Queen Elizabeth II to appoint a Queen's Counsel to represent the Indian community in a class action suit against the British government for bringing Indians as laborers to the then Malaya and exploiting them" (The Star).

Well, if you think Kuala Lumpur is not safe, why not head to the opposite direction, Klang? There, you can visit the famous Istana Zakaria, without having to fear of getting caught or sprayed with chemicals by the police, though the mansion was built without approval thus, illegal. And it's free too, which money you can save for next year in helping the government to save RM380mil in payout to highway concessionaires by increasing toll rates!

Usually, those illegal things, opposition sides are called lefties. I just don't get why left is always considered bad when in fact those who are lefthanded are mostly creative people washing you butt after you poo poo must be creative, too, eh?. So, is being creative bad? I don't know...

Anyway, this is the best performance for me at the recent American Music Award. Enjoy! To the left to the left... (you may mute my imeem playlist to enjoy this video)

So, if you're in Malaysia now, where are you heading to this weekend? To the left, to the left... whatever that means...

The suit, filed at the Royal Courts of Justice in London by Hindraf chief, seeks compensation of up to US$4tril or US$1mil for every Indian in Malaysia. Samy Vellu should seriously urge the government to support this cause, which the government could use part of the US$4tril to bail pay highway concessionaires.

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famil said...

actually kan..

jalan hari sabtu lepas lengang giler! around 2 pm from bangsar to bukit bintang (thru jln tun razak) takde kereta banyak... heaven!!!

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