Monday, November 05, 2007

Aci apa lagi part II


Remember when we were kids, when Malaysian badminton team won tournaments like Thomas Cup, every kid in the neighbourhood would pick up badminton racket and play badminton.

Remember when we were kids when police sentry is almost a compulsary game during recess besides soccer, aci jengket, galah panjang, aci nyorok, bla bla bla. I just don't know why police sentry was so popular those days despite the low salary policemen were getting and I doubt every kids who played police sentry wanted to be policemen when they grow up.

Anyway, would our kids remember police sentry anymore when they grow up? Would police role in the game continue to be the good side and thieves continue to be the bad ones? I don't think so these days.

True to what I thought earlier, this RM27-million cop is suspended (as per news last Saturday).
Huh? That was like 3-4 days from the day I thought the thought when the Chief cop took the action. Maybe I'm smarter than that Jalaluddin Hassan oppss Musa Hassan.


Brother Lans said...

Aslkum DeO,selamat siang.How was your weekend?Pegi wedding lagi ke?:-) You aaaa...that cartoon strip,where did you get that cartoon strip?so funny-lah!:-) Bila nak datang rumah abg?

famil said...

weh, main polis sentry pun semua org lebih suka jadi pencuri la.. boleh lari2.. jadi polis was like the bummer.. have to catch the thieves and make sure they ddidnt escape.

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