Saturday, October 14, 2006

Worst Day of My Life

Some people said 14th is a unlucky number. Coincidence or what, I think it's really suwey!!! Today, 14th October is a worst day of my life... at least for the year, I think. Usually I could handle things that don't go the right way but I just couldn't today.

It's supposed to be a relatively ok day, with some plans and it started in the right mode. I woke up earlier today, got my hair cut and my car washed but things just didn't go as planned after that.

Someone was acting like we've not planned for buka puasa together today, someone else just didn't answer calls or reply sms, and someone else wanted to scape-goated me for something, and someone else was broken hearted because earlier on I said I couldn't buka puasa together because I've another plan but now the plan is cancelled and I was accused as a liar. CRAAAAPPP!!!

Now, I'm going to have sushi for my buka puasa, bought from Giant. Don't feel like eating if not for my empty stomach...

Here goes Aerosmith's Crying....

Somehow, I've found love with Giant's sushi. Tried to look for sushi in Tesco but doesn't look as good as those in Giant..

1 comment:

aku laa said...

gila la makin kuruih kawan aku ni bukak posa makan sushi je. sedap ka giant punya sushi? jaga diri lah elok2, raya balik mana? hehehe balik mana lagi kan?! silap tanya, patut aku tanya raya balik kampung ke tak? singgah mai rumah mak aku. ok?!

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