Friday, October 20, 2006

Even The Minister is Promoting Road Fatalities

The Prime Minister is sad and angry over high road fatalities. He should not just be sad and angry, but ashame of his minister's act as pictured in the photo below.

Well, it's a good gesture to present hamper to the first user of the Majlis Link. But, how do you expect this guy to carry the hamper on his bike? Unless he has crash-proof hair like Mr Samy, in addition to his helmet... and they all look so happy realizing their act might add up the 'numbers' for Ops Sikap.

1 comment:

chase17 said...

Nama Op Sikap. We hv to acknowledge does not change overnite. Hv to work at grass roots level...from school level. Kan dah di kata..nak melentor biar dari rebung...there's no short cut. How effective is the program at school level..Itu kena tanya Min Edu.

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