Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bad Salam Raya Dari Perantauan

I dont mean to hurt anyone's feeling but just want to stress the bad choice of pictures, especially on a special occassion like Hari Raya.

So, what's wrong with the picture above? Well, it's meant for Hari Raya greeting (from someone abroad) to friends and relatives in Malaysia. However, it's a Hari Raya greeting, Hari Raya should be a holy celebration and you don't want to associate the day with devil, in this case the red devil of Man Utd. <--- Too bad of a choice.

Worst still, she's not even studying in Manchester. The greeting is from Leeds!!

Why do we always say "friends and relatives" but not the other way round? Shouldn't relatives come first in term of priority?

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chase17 said...

Think, think, think before doing anything

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