Friday, October 20, 2006

He's Angry, I'm Not Scared

I think he's angry.
Is it for real?
I think so..
Are you scared?
Oooo.... verrrrryyyyyyyy.... hehehehe

First, he said we have the right to be angry on the Klang Assemblyman's house issue. Only now that we've the right to be angry with corrupt assemblyman? And why we need someone to tell us that we've the right to be angry? Isn't it a country that practised freedom of speech and freedom of expression (albeit a controlled one)?! Similarly, as a parent, why you need to tell you kids that they have the right to eat when they're hungry?! :-)

Secondly, he's angry (and sad) of the road fatalities. You should be even sad when people have to queue and spent long hours in traffic jams, unlike you who has police escorts. You should be even sad when people think twice or more than that whether or not to 'balik kampung' because of the high price of tolls and fuel, when you can ease through highways without forking out a single sen from your pocket.

Or are these angry and sad episodes are part of the election plot... to win the heart of the people?! Bullshit!!!

1 comment:

chase17 said...

Angry is emotional word...that's how I guess they win their votes. This means the voters are emotional too. Not choosing electorates who walk the talk!!!!

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