Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How's It Going To Be

It was officially announced today by my CEO that he has tendered his resignation from the company. It cleared the air as rumors have been flying around over the past two weeks. Questions still remain - who's the replacement, would we still have a CEO in the future or just a GM to run the company.

Earlier (like two months ago) it was announced that the 'bread and butter' for our company will be transfered to our sister company and we'll be doing business on something new with revenue hardly reach RM100 million a year. And worst still, the currently 800++ manpower size will be shrinked to around 250, where more than 550 staffs will be transfered to other sister companies.

So, how's it going to be for the company?!

The question reminds me of one of my favorite bands' song...

Although no relation to the resignation of my CEO, the song is still sooo sedaaaappp to listen to...

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chase17 said...

Unfortunately..my system wasn't function so unable to listen to the sedaap song. Nevertheless...you need to position yourself...if the "space" in the current company is limited, TM is big enough to mobile their people around...look out for the avaible opportunity.

It may not happen..but have to be prepared for it..best of luck

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