Sunday, September 03, 2006

We Love Our Country... But We Love Siti More!!!

This picture appears (in a very proud manner) in Berita Minggu and Harian Metro today. Everyone in Kuala Lipis district (or town?) is busy preparing for the wedding reception of the local-born hero, no other than Siti Nurhaliza.

But, why don't these workers, whom I assume work for Majlis Perbandaran/Daerah Kuala Lipis do all these noble works prior to the Merdeka Day? Doesn't the Dataran Lipis looks nicer and more refreshing in celebrating the 49th Merdeka? After all, Merdeka Day and Siti's reception are just 4 days apart, it'll still look new after 4 days.

Another question - who bears the costs? If it's Majlis, then I think the Yang Dipertua just don't know how to prioritize (probably need to be sent to PLKN to learn how to love the country more) and if it's Siti, I still can accept the act but wouldn't it be good to give back a little to the country or at least, Kuala Lipis.

Do we love our country? Yes, we do but we love our artists more.... that's why we need artists' performance everytime we celebrate our Merdeka Day!


aku laa... said...

Tu semua belanja nak perabihkan bajet tahun lepas lah tak habis pakai... kalau yang dipertua gila glamer, macam tu lah jadinya....

chase17 said...

Kita berpesta tak bertempat juga...We can be proud anak watan..tapi jangan berlebih lebihan.

Nak tumpang glamour..sponsors are taking advantage. Thats the commercial world.

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