Saturday, September 02, 2006

1 Sen Up Per Cigarette

The Finance Minister 1 cum Internal Security Minister cum Prime Minister (waaahhh so many cum one... errr don't forget the chairmanship of other 24 Cabinet Commitee taskforces) announced the 'Budget for the People' (this has always been the tagline, year in and year out).

One of the highlights, 1 sen price increase per cigarette. Now, a pack of 20s will cost 20 sen more. As usual, for the first few weeks after the announcement, you'll hear some resolutions renewed to quit or at least cut down on smoking. And as usual, those resolutions will last for few weeks, at most. Somehow, I've never came across someone who quit smoking because of the price increase.

So, my beloved friends and families... bawak-bawak lah berhenti merokok or at least switch to a cheaper one like Saat <-- betul tak Cheng? :-)


chase17 said...

What is one sen to a smoker. Macam nak tak nak aje....Becuase he..he.. is a heavy smoker.

aku laa said...

Azam nak berenti rokok tu macam hangat-hangat t**k ayam je... Tapi aku nak juga tahu government bagi satu statistik yang menunjukkan keberkesanan ataupun kegagalan kempen 'Tak Nak' after millions were spent for the campaign. Kita bayar tax nak tau lah duit tu afdal ke tak pakainya... ni nak kayakan yang buat iklan, signboard, event organizers, t-shirt sana buat sini pun buat...

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