Monday, September 18, 2006

Bad Quote of the Day

"There are many people who don't understand, they say Pak Lah has lost control. That's my way of doing things. Everybody has his way of doing thing."

- people call him 'Pak Lah', 17th September 2006, Havana

Yes, you're right, Mr Right... you do it your way - losing control way

1 comment:

chase17 said...

Yes..yes..his way, Anyone can say my way. But when it comes to the rakyaat..It cannot be my is what good for us. therefore it is our way. His way may not be the best way for us..the rakyat.

We gave him the mandate..that does not mean he can do his way....

Why the cabinet allows it to be his way? Fanning!!!!Where is the democracy?

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