Saturday, September 16, 2006

Kamu Tak Sayang Dayang...

Remember one of Dayang's famous tune... ooohhh Dayang sayang kamu, Dayang cinta kamu, bilakan dapat bertemu... Will Dayang still love her fans? I dont think so, after her controversial participation in One In A Million (OIAM) ended with her exit at the final four stage. Who said that Dayang will get an easy ride to grab the RM1 million prize money?

I feel it's the right time for Dayang to go (she should be ousted earlier). Despite her being in a different league than the other three finalists, she didn't help much to the show, especially from the sponsors' and 8TV's perspectives. She seldomly appear in OIAM promos or roadshows. So, it's now an open race for the other three finalists, Suki, Alif and Faizal, with Faizal being the favorite to win.

Anyway, I was still touched when Dayang dropped to her tears while singing her last song in the competition, Mencintaimu. Hopefully she still love her fans and loved by her fans.

Are we going to see another Faizal winning a talent-search compettition?


aku laa said...

Aku rasa si Alif tu macam berpura-pura je sedih... dalam hati mesti happy gilaa, so does the other 3. Ok lah kira nya they all got the fair chance to win the RM1mil.

chase17 said...

Dayang was over-confident. They want to see new faces too. that temder age with RM1million...see what money can buy these days.

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