Saturday, September 23, 2006

The One... In A Million

It was a great night, great performaces not just from the three finalists but also the top 12 plus Norayu and another contestant who were eliminated earlier. I personally like Norayu because of her husky voice. Somehow, she didn't make it to top 20 (probably because of her look, which not comparable to Farah, or even Suki).

Faizal escaped the elimination in the beginning of the final when 8TV announced that all three will be up and running for the RM1 million. 'Kezutan' for the fans or just another gimmick to invite more votes (translated into more profit)? Anyway, the night would be a bit boring if Faizal didn't perform. His performance outshone Suki's and Alif's and he got the biggest cheers and also standing ovation from the fans.

Unfortunately, Suki whose fans were relatively quiet that night walked away with the 'biggest' prize in Malaysia's reality talent show. Fans of Faizal, in the hall, were stunned and it was rather quiet in the hall after the result was announced. He came 5% short from Suki 's 39% votes.

Anyway, there you go. People call it instant millionaire. And, she's just 17!!

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