Sunday, September 03, 2006

In Other Words, FAM Has Wasted Its Time And Money!

It's just ashame when the Timbalan Presiden made such statement. How could he said we have no young talents in football?!

Then, why are the state FAs and Super League clubs wasting their money to conform to FAM's call - to have a President Cup squad as backup for the senior squad?!!!! FYI, President Cup competition is limited to players u-23 only, and they could get the call up from senior squad to play in the M-League.

Then, why is MOEducation, MSSM, or whoever it is including FAM, wasting time and money by having all the u-15, u-17 competition at school, district, state and national levels?

Wonder why excellent student-athletes who are also bright students rather quit sports they loved to pursue their educational goals? Just imagine this (this is a true story), how could students from Bukit Jalil Sports School were forced to withdraw from a national meet just because the competition date clashed with their internal trial exam?! Then, why do we bother have sports schools?

It's FAM who failed to notice and unearth talents from these age-level tournaments. In other words, FAM simply lazy to go around the country scouting for talents, they are too busy with other things, including stupidly discussing and arguing the national squad's FIFA ranking.

I don't mind if the Timbalan Presiden quit his post, so does his father. You both have done nothing worthy to put in history of local football. And to Khairy, don't act like a hero for pleading these two chaps to not quit their posts. You, yourself don't deserve a post in FAM.


chase17 said...

Aun't we being doped?

What is going on with this country...From politics, which is supposed to guiding the people, sports that is supposed to be the binding factor, and even entertainment, which is supposed to be "relaxing" our mind...on the other hand creating tension.

People change. Greed is creeping..looking for scapegoat and finger pointing. People...what happened to our spirit of "merdeka" which we just celebrated?

aku laa said...

Letak je lah jawatan. Bukannya tak bagi peluang, dah bertahun-tahun bagi peluang tapi takde hasilnya. Kalau dunia korporat, dah lama kena sack! Apa lagi tunggu? Yang gatal nak pujuk-pujuk tu, tak payah nak mengampu... korang tak nampak ke that they've achieved nothing! NOTHING!!!

kejor yob kejor said...

Alaa macam kome semue tak tau.. KJ tu acah je nak pujuk-pujuk tu, padahai dia yang teringin nak duduk kerusi Presiden FAM tu.. dia kan sekarang ni duk dalam kaunsel... piiraaaahhhhh

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