Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Don't We Have Anything Better?

No doubt sms or phone, in general, is the most single powerful tool to disseminate information, also hoax, rumors, etc etc. What I mean information is important information (of course, unimportant ones are not called information - they're junks, spams) like something related to the country, to the family or friends, or career - you know laa...

Unfortunately, Steve Irwin died on Monday and unfortunately also, from this extract from local newspapers, you may now know that Malaysians actually don't have anything better to sms about or to talk about over the phone.

....and we don't have anything better to read!

Don't have anything better or we're just to arrogant to talk or discuss about more important things or read more useful and important books, and rather leave them to be taken up by our leaders.

Unfortunately, even the leaders are still arguing about the tv rating! Sad sad sad


chase17 said...

Isn't this subject the same as "Gigitan Asmara".

Things of little material value to the nation. There's a lot more important things.

Talking about first class mentality!!!!!

deOughtred said...

Spot on!!
'First class' mentality...
No wonder why they announce Pak Lah as Bapa K-Ekonomi... very sesuaaaaaiiiii (sengau sikit). It just reflect the 3rd class thinking that he possess.

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