Thursday, September 28, 2006

Irrelevant Topic of Discussion

First of all, please apologize if this post would offend anyone but it's just my thoughts.

This morning between my sahur and Subuh, I managed to catch a repeat of Al-Kuliyyah, a TV3 islamic talk show (rather a discussion program with two penalists). The topic was 'Tukar'. To my surprise, they talked about sex change and in specific gender reassignment surgery (GRS). The program, however, failed to provide any statistic to qualify this topic for discussion in such an Islamic program. And I don't think the program achieve anything - in terms of educating people or helps reducing/stopping GRS cases.

For me it's clear, and as an Islamic country (we always claimed as such), we know it's forbidden - for any reason. And there are still callers asking about... there's one man whose inner-self is very lady-like, he felt he would be better off to do the GRS... bla bla bla... and the panelists kept on saying whatever the situation is, it's still haram. That's it. Why bother to discuss further? Aren't there anymore interesting topic(s) to be discussed like wastage in the month of Ramadhan, the simplest ways to reap the benefits of Ramadhan, Islam-way of celebrating Eid, bla bla bla...

And the panelists kept on referring to those who're interested in GRS to undergo counseling sessions to overcome their problems. I think there's only one effective solution. As an Islamic country, just forbid all hospitals (government or private) to perform the GRS. Full stop!

Maybe they're run out of topics. Well, they could generate ideas via sms - make more money! I don't know whether I'll watch the program again if it keeps on discussing/debating on something which clearly forbidden.

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