Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fabulous French, Uninspiring Brazilians

France, surprisingly won the match against Spain. Based from their performance in preliminary round, I had wished Spain win the match last night to mount a serious challenge to Brazil in the quarter final. Well, the French, the old-lady Les Bleus, prevailed and they'll face Brazil next, a repeat of 1998 Final, and hopefully the scoreline will repeat too!

Brazil earlier, uninspiringly, defeated Ghana, the freshman in World Cup Finals. 3 goals - one from close misjudge of offside trap by the Ghanaians, one - from an offside misjudge by the linesman (poor overall match officiating), and another one - scored after Ghana was down with 10 players, results of poor officiating. Nothing was impressive from the Brazilians.

Quarter final prediction: France win

Brazilians and all over-confident Brazil fans, don't dream for your team to make it to the finals. If not France, Portugal will do the job to silence all of you!! And people will not remember World Cup 2006 as the stage for the Brazil's 3Rs who?!

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