Monday, June 26, 2006

Lucky English, Portuguese Heated-Up

Portugal added 10th consecutive World Cup wins to Scolari's belt and I think they'll add somemore, another one at most! :-) England, still not showing what they're capable of (as always emphasized by the media) but at least Beckham did what he was terrified for... his freekicks!!

Portugal vs England
It's easy to predict this time. It's going to be repeat of EURO 2004 quarter-finals, where Portugal won 6-5 after penalty shoot-out (2-2 aet) . But, this time around it won't go to extra time. It will be tough for Portugal though to play without Deco and Costinha but it's not really a problem, facing a team which can only field one effective striker, Wayne who?!


Meghan said...

Although US didn't show up to play, and the team was misused, I'm not sure they were the most undeserved team there...I can remember a little catastrophe called Serbia-Montenegro who may as well have sat the bench for the Argentina match.

I'm hoping for a France vs. Brazil quarter final game!

deOughtred said...

I can give exception to the Serbs who competed for the first time, but for USA, they still play like kindergarten kids, after how many times they qualified (from a very easy qualifying region....)

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