Saturday, June 24, 2006

Round of 16

I must say everyone enjoyed the prelimary round matches of World Cup 2006 except for some boring matches involving boring European teams. It was a lucky birthday for Zidane and Viera as France got just what they needed to advance to R16.

Here's my verict for preliminary round:
Best team: Argentina
Best match: Argentina vs Serbia and Monetenegro
Best team performance (in a single match): Ghana (against Czech Republic)
Most under-performed team: Czech Republic and France
Teams that don't deserved to be in R16: Mexico
Teams that should be in the R16: Korea
Best player: Well, a number of them including Torres, Riquelme, etc... maybe Pimpong (of Ghana)
Player has yet to shine: Ronaldinho, Rooney and I want more from the King Henry!!!

Tonight, the start of R16. If I may revise my earlier prediction for the final, I would say it's between...

Argentina 2, Spain 1
So, where's Brazil and France (as my earlier predicted finalist)?!! They both lost in 1/4 final and R16, respectively, to Spain. Sorry Brazil fans, they just going to make it up to 1/4 final!!


Les Bleus said...

Hahaha... now Spain has lost to France in 2nd round, who do you think will play Argies in the final? Brazil or France or Italy?

deOughtred said...

Hi Les Bleus...

Based on the group stage matches, I had wished Spain to put a tougher fight against Brazil and eliminate them in quarter final.

Surprisingly, France won and I've no choice than to put my faith to France to silence the Brazilians and the over-confident fans...

Argentina-France final would be a good show too!!

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