Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ivan Lendl: Wimbledon's Exception List

It was a quiet night last night as the World Cup takes a break before quarter final matches resume this Friday and nothing interesting to watch on tv. So, I decided to watch the Wimbledon Open where Federer played countryman, Henman. As expected, it was an easy, straight-set win for the World No. 1. Eventhough Henman lost tamely on home court in the 2nd round, the crowd was very supportive to the player, no boos or jeers or name-callings... Such an attitude!

Suddenly, I wanted to know Wimbledon's roll of honor and came across familiar names who've won the prestigious title (most of them started playing before I was born). The most successful one, the Pistol Pete Sampras, 7x winner (93~95, 97~00), followed by Bjorn Borg (5x: 76~80), John McEnroe (3x: 81, 83~84), Boris Becker (3x: 85~86, 89), and the rest that I recognize who have won one title each: Jimmy Connors (82), Pat Cash (87), Stefan Edberg (90), Mike Stich (91), Andre Agassi (92), Richard Krajicek (96), Goran Ivanisevic (01), Leyton Hewitt (02). Roger Federer (3x: 03~05) may add his 4th Wimbledon title to his name. One big name missing, though... Ivan Lendl. So I did some search on Ivan Lendl.

Ivan Lendl
... a tennis legend, some called him the father of modern tennis, is a two-time losing finalist in Wimbledon, in 86 and 87, both losing to lower-ranked player (he was 1st and 2nd seeded, in respective year). His lucks were not with him in Wimbledon but other parts of the world. Here's some stats on Lendl:

  • 2x Australian Open winner: 89~90, 2x runner-up, 3 straight final appearances
  • 3x French Open winner: 84, 86~87, 2x runner-up, 4 straight final appearances
  • 3x US Open winner: 85~87, 5x runner-up, 8 straight final appearances
  • 5x Masters champion: 81~82, 85~87, 8x runner-up, qualified 11 years in a row
  • Davis Cup champion: 80 (10-0 personal record for the year)
  • 270 weeks at number 1
  • 157 consecutive weeks at number one
The statistics say it all. So, he may not be remembered when people are talking about Wimbledon but his name rests comfortably in the record book.

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