Friday, June 09, 2006

Eat, Sleep, Live Football

The fever is here. Finally, after 4-year absent, the World Cup is here again. For us in Malaysia, being 6 hours ahead of Germany, really test the preserverance to balance between football, sleep and works the next day. Daily matches start as early as 9pm and goes on and finish as late as 5am. Bosses will see red, sleepy eyes of their employees and heads gone missing behind desktops. Alternatively, there are repeats but final scores would have been published and peers would have been talking about how beautiful the goals were, etc etc. You just dont want to miss watching those matches live or you'll be left behind for a ride to lunch!! I guess many have applied for annual leave on 10th July, to watch the Final and would any boss dare not to approve?!

The favorite: as everyone is talking about Brazil, can they distancing themselves from the rest of the world by winning its 6th title or would Germany or Italy narrow the gap from Brazil or other countries like Holland or Spain or Portugal win for the first time, keeping the Cup in the continent?!

My favorite... I can't exclude Brazil from my list of World Champion-to-be but my dream final would be the repeat of WC1998: Brazil vs France. And hold your breathe for the King Henry to take center stage, something everyone has never seen happening at the previous two World Cups he played. His agony of losing the final of EUFA Champions League... well, it's pay back time and on the losing side this time around would be everyone else's favorite Ronaldinho.

Final prediction: FRANCE 2 - Brazil 2 (France win on penalty)

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Mpro said...

Nasib aik qualified... kicap kan???

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