Friday, March 26, 2010

POW: K-level

This picture may not give much significant to you neither it is a nice picture. But for me, this is a photo of one of the most significant moments in my life, at least for the time being.

If you trace back my earlier entries, I almost got hired by the Emerald Co if not because of my high cholesterol level of 8.6. They have a cap at 8.0. I was so devastated at the moment but I regained my composure, gather my strength and I decided to work on lowering my cholesterol, not for reason to get re-hired by the Emerald Co, but for my own benefits.

After a gruelling one ++ month taking statin, daily breakfast with non other than 4-slice of Gardenia Breakthru, an apple a day, 2200mg of fish oil (in capsule), no red meat, very little seafood, very little coconut milk-based gravy (kuah/gulai bersantan), I still take rice as usual, and I did not take oats at all... and the result is..... my cholesterol level drops from 8.6 to 3.5!

Amazing! Even the doctor was surprised. He told me that the most that 20mg statin can reduce is by 2 points. I was expecting it to be at most 6.0. But 3.5! Damn! The doctor said, it must have got to do with my exercise, since I'm preparing for my quarter marathon. I was smiling all the way after the appointment with the doctor. And the doctor did not prescribe any statin this time around, I'll have to do it naturally and we'll see in the next 3 month.

And this is a personal glory to me a moment I'd tell the world that nothing can stop me, impossible is nothing! :-)


Lan Bingka said...

kekalkan bro..

sempoii said...

tahniah.. semoga sentiasa dalam kesihatan yang baik.

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