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Why I want to eat at Friday's

Original entry title: Lonely Ramadhan

Zakat, or tithe, is the fourth obligation in the five pillars of Islam. Paying Zakat Fitrah in the month of Ramadhan will definitely pool resources to help the needy. Payment of zakat may be made throughout Ramadhan and the latest, the morning before the Hari Raya Aidilfitri's prayer.

There was an announcement at the office mosque before last Friday prayer that the rate for zakat fitrah in KL is RM4.70 whereas in the neighbouring Selangor, it is RM5.20. And I was confused as in which state I should pay my zakat, my income is harvested in KL but I live and my qariah is in Selangor. Well, I've paid in Selangor earlier and I thin it's a right decision to contribute to the more needy ones, whom can be found more in Selangor than in KL or the other way round as Selangor is becoming a developed state, kata MB nya?

For some people, they tend to wait until the very last minute to pay zakat fitrah. I'm not sure if it's more 'afdal' (just like bersahur) or they'll get extra pahala for paying later. I don't think there should be any reason for waiting until the very last minute to pay zakat fitrah as payment counters are now available even in shopping malls and payment can also be made via sms. As for me, I'd usually pay in the second week of Ramadhan, among reasons being... 1) to avoid long queue and 2) to avoid some sort of embarassment, not really embarassment lah it's just reality that strikes me.

Usually in Ramadhan, there are two points or moments when reality really stikes myself. The first moment is when buying foods in pasar Ramadhan. The food sellers will ask me how much I'd like to have this and this or sometimes they just ask, "(untuk) berapa orang makan?" Duhh.. I feel like there's stone in my mouth to say, "Sorang je (makan)". That's one reason I don't fancy pasar Ramadhan and home-cooked sardine tastes much much better with hot rice than the ayam percik, martabak, roti jala, or whatsoever sold in pasar ramadhan.

Secondly, when paying zakat fitrah. The 'amil' or the zakat collector will ask me "(zakat untuk) berapa orang?" as if he can't see the exact amount of money I put on the table before I take the seat. Reluctantly, I answer (again) "Sorang je..." and followed by a look at my face by the amil and instruction to read the top lafaz (in the leaflet) for individual zakat payer. That's why I choose to pay zakat early in the month so there'll be no one queuing behind me who could hear my short, painful conversation with the 'amil'.

Well, I still believe that (unlike other months) when reality strikes you in Ramadhan, you ought to do something about it... which I'm doing it now (take shower, jalan-jalan and break fast in TGI Fridays - at least I don't buy foods from pasar Ramadhan)

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Elf said...

Ehem ehem, itu dah macam dah bunyik nak dekat dekat berdua je tuhhh...:-)

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