Friday, October 05, 2007

(Costly) wedding talk

I didn't notice when this weeding took place September last year. The most expensive wedding in the country (literally) ended after one year with the 25-year old wife filed for a divorce from her 50-year old husband.

It was reported that last year, the bride received RM444,444.44 cash as part of the wedding gifts (hantaran) besides the other 22 wedding gifts from the groom that includes an RM250,000 BMW 320i , RM150,000-woth of jewellery, RM20,000 ring, designer handbag, shoes, perfume and cosmetics. Oh ya, the dowry paid to the bride was RM22,222.22.

Considering the cash gift alone, she was paid more than RM37,000 per month or more than RM1,200 per day.

And now, I swear to stop dreaming of marrying a celebrity, novalty or someone of royal blood if this is the amount I need to fork out for an only-God-knows-how-long-it-will-last marriage. And I wonder how much it will cost me in 2010? ooppsss did I just drop a clue?

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sity29 said...

sunnguh spekulasi!!
sungguh spekulasi!!

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