Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sadness... between principle and happiness

"Dear Marilyn,

Happy birthday! I still remember the day you told me you'd love to have a big, delicious cake for your birthday this time. You even wanted to have the leftover piece of cake from my last birthday but I don't think I'm that cruel to let you have that expired piece although I'd love very much to let you have a birthday cake as delicious as what I had.

But, I just don't know where the best bakery in town and I need to get advise from your friends, what flavor you like, what size or pattern of cake would make you happy. And your friends, who knows you long before I came into your life wanted to share in bringing the happiness to you on your birthday.

Great plan they have for you, nothing was close to what I've planned on my own. But one thing they don't have which I have, your birthdate. What would a birthday cake means to you without knowing when is your birthday. And mArcello knows where is the best bakery in town which could give discount to her/us since she's a privileged member at the bakery. And the bakery does delivery too, to which I think it's proper for me to let mArcello knows your birthdate for the delivery, in time for your birthday.

Marilyn, I know you're so sensitive about your age, your birth date and only handful of friends know your birthdate. But I was stuck in between your principle and my intention to bring happiness to your life, at least for a moment. I don't always cheat and lie. Most of the time, I lie in favor of someone as precious as you.

I heard, you were angry knowing that others know your birthdate and you could sense that I'm the one who told them that. You said repeatedly, it's about principle. You publicly said that I should've inform you that I told others your birthdate. You questioned the surprise we wanted to present to you. In all, you don't seem to appreciate our intention to bring happiness to you.

And please understand, I have my principle too. I don't lie unnecessarily, I don't break people's trust on me. I'm trying to bring joy, I'm trying to bring happiness but I just couldn't do it alone. Something has to be sacrificed and in this case, your birthdate.

I lied to my mom for an extra ten cent (I told her that I want to get a new eraser) just to treat my best friend an ice cream on his birthday. I gave tens of reasons to my boss to not stay back after work just to take my mom for a dinner so that she doesn't have to cook on mother's day. I called in office to lie to my boss that my car breaks down just to meet an old friend, whom I didn't meet for 15 years, who was in transit in KLIA for 2 1/2 hours.

And I didn't tell you where I went that day with another friend because I don't want you to know that we went to the bakery to confirm our order - what flavor, design and topping for your brithday cake. I also get to taste sample of cakes before choosing the one just delivered to your doorstep.

Now I heard, you've received the cake. I heard you're happy. It was a special one for you as you hadn't had a cake as nice for quite some time. I'm glad you're happy. And I don't mind if you're still questioning why I gave them (read your friends) your birthdate and I don't mind if you want to call me untrustworthy.... as long as you're happy.

regards and selamat hari raya aidilfitri happy birthday."

Quote of the day:
"Call me untrustworthy, I'm fine if people think that's what I am for the happiness I try to bring to life. I am what I am and I don't regret it" - deoughtred

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