Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lebaran - about the car and the girl

Just got a break for myself from family duties for lebaran. Just can't wait for Friday to come, when I'll be back to home sweet home. And this lebaran, for 6 days at least, it was all about the car and the girl. Well, a bit was discussed about my 2010 plan but it didn't catch much interest as everyone was more interested with the car and the girl. Aren't they the two of men's three fascination?

The attention and discussions during this lebaran were centered around my younger brother's newly-bought car and the girl whom he dated for 4 years now.

Nothing great about the car but at least it's bigger and better than mine. And it still has the showroom or factory odor (gheezz... I've smelled factory odor for more than 6 years, so what's so great about it?!) And the thought that I'd not drive the family around this year was shortlived as my father wanted me to drive the car read my brother's new car as my brother is still not confident enough to drive long-distance trips. Anyway, who cares who the driver was, people remember who the car belongs to and I just wonder how it feels sitting in the rear seat of my own car?!

And the girl... when the family was in Bukit Mertajam, there was a plan to visit the girl's family and my mom tried to persuade me to come along which I replied with "it's just wasting my time going to a stranger's place and we still don't know where or when the relationship between my brother and the girl will end up". Sorry, mom! And what other better things to do than to sleep and I still need to drive the car the next day.

<--- And this is one of few good pictures of mine taken during lebaran, the rest in my camera were pictures of others. Who else in the family take good pictures? Rephrase: Who else in the family has good digital camera? Or would next lebaran's discussion will center around new digital camera?

If only I could find a strong enough reason to stay 'away' for the coming lebarans, at least until 2010. Celebrating lebaran in Taiwan, perhaps...


K i a H R o N g G e n G said...

good camera ape nie?gelap jeks...

deOughtred said...

baca ayat ni betul2: Who else in the family take good pictures?

definitely, it wasn't me who took the pix.

Anonymous said...


deo...deo... *sambil geleng2 kepala* kekeekkekeekke


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