Saturday, October 06, 2007

Be safe during Aidilfitri

Ops Sikap XIII was launched two days ago, targeting more towards express buses and taxis where some 200 plain clothes policemen and JPJ officers will disguise themselves as normal passengers in randomly and unluckily selected express buses and taxis.

Just wonder if they already bought bus tickets as most tickets have been sold out even before Ramadhan started. And I just don't have any clue that until when we have to rely on Ops Sikap during festive season to reduce the number of road accidents and fatalities.

I don't have the RM figure on how much they spent for every Ops Sikap but a simple laymen guessing on the overtime they've to pay police personnels who work on public holidays would give you some rough ideas how much were incurred. Don't forget that salaries for policemen have increased recently, highest among all government servants. And for this Ops Sikap XIII, they've introduced an icon which they've printed cardboard cutouts of the icon to put in, I don't know, by the roadside I guess?

But looking at the number of accidents and fatalities, there were not much of an improvement when Ops Sikap X recorded 13,153 accidents and 205 fatalities, then gone up to 15,716/228 in Ops Sikap XI, which then saw numbers in Ops Sikap XII went down but still higher than the xth version at 14,930/207.

I think it's just some other things they need to focus on as the number of accidents and fatalities didn't show much success. Whatever the things are, let's the extra patience we develop in this Ramadhan month be applied while driving during this festive season.

And to be safer... rear passengers, please fasten your seat belts, too.

Be safe, think of the loved ones who're waiting for you.


Brother Lans said...

DO (DeOughtred),aslkum. Bile balik raye Yob? Jumpe sane ye? *mintak2 tak jumpa 'benda' dalam vidclip tu masa drive nanti...tak kisah lah bila2 masa pun!*
Tak 'senonoh' you tarok vidclip tu buat org suspen je nanti :-)Wsalam Selamat beramal.:-)

zewt said...

that blardy video got me..!

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