Sunday, October 21, 2007

Direnjis renjis di Lipis

(sms conversation)
Me: Bro, I might not be able to attend, Nazir and Dunga (who were supposed to go along with me) will be working on Saturday. I have no one else.
The Groom: Bro, why don't you come alone?

I didn't reply further. But the confidence level of going to the wedding rose from 35% to 60% because of his expectation for me to show up. But I still need to find someone to accompany as I expected the trip to and from Kuala Lipis will be strenuous with anticipation that the road will be busy with vehicles from East Coast making their way back to the city.

Calls after calls, sms after sms to few close friends to no avail. I even went to watch Proton's football friendly match on Thursday night to look for friends who could accompany me but none could blame it on open houses. I finally managed to convinced Abg Usop to come along. Abg Usop never met the groom but at least the groom knows that Abg Usop used to live in Kajang.

During the football match, the groom called again to confirm my attendance. Gheez! I've no reason not to show up now since he called. Confidence level up to 90%.

We made our away to Bandar Kuala Lipis and there is that one huge round-about (or oval-about) at the center of the town which we circled three times finding the correct way to the groom's house. We finally found our way, not only after a call from the groom asking our whereabout, making me wonder what if I didn't come and was still in Shah Alam?

So, we arrived at the groom's house at around 4.15pm pengantin dah pakai baju tidur dah... Met faces I know, Dollah and wife Sharon and Hairul.

On our way back to KL, we made a stopover at Wati's mother house in Raub and Wati's mother has prepared a pack of 'sambal terung with ikan bilis' each for me and Abg Usop.

It was a second wedding I graced attended for the year. It's a great achievement for me since I don't fancy attending weddings, especially those attended by busy-body 'concerned' relatives.

Anyway, to my bro Razani and his wife, Izan... many congratulations, semoga dilimpahi rahmat dan dimurahkan rezeki; berbahagia dan berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.

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Hashini said...

long time no see my friend. just come across your blog. So how's your life

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