Monday, May 28, 2007

Are We So Dumb?

Are we Malaysian are so dumb that we could not answer complicated or mind boggling questions?! Even if we don't think so, the leading media channel in the country thinks so..

Last night on TV3's Buletin Utama, the poll question for the day was, (something like this) "Adakah anda setuju usaha mengumumkan senarai peniaga yang menaikkan harga tidak sekadar hangat-hangat tahi ayam?"

And.. the answer, as expected... 98% voted for YES, well of course. You're really dumb ass hole if you can't right away predict that YES votes will outdo NO.

Aaaa... don't forget the 50 cent-charge per sms. Yes, it's just 50 cents and what can you expect with 50 cents?!

Today's poll question: Adakah pasangan pengantin baru sesuai untuk berjimak di malam pertama? YES or NO. Can you guess the result?

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