Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

First of all, I don't think there should be any specific day for Mother's Day, it should be everyday. Anyway, happy Mother's Day, Mak! (with a capital M!)

At times, I had conversation with my brother on how our parents raised us and make us successful as compared to most of our cousins. Back then, when eating in KFC or McD is something luxurious (I first had a taste of KFC when I was 13 while I was in boarding school), my mom is the one who supported us on the emotional part.

My dad, being head of the family, worked very hard everyday (sometimes he wasn't around on weekends) and at the end of the month would bring home the money he earned to support the family's financial needs.

But, my mom is the one who support us emotionally. From the little wage she earned from working in a factory, she would bought things dearest to our heart. My brother was the first to have a leather football in the neighbourhood. You know those days, there's no cheap-product, Thai-made and sold in pasar malam ones.. so, it's really something to own a leather football. And my mom also got him a Snoopy Tennis Game & Watch, the state-of-the-art game those days!

And for myself, at every end of month, I would look forward to add another model to my Hot Wheels collections. And in those days, the toy cars are really made of steel, heavy and very durable unlike those being sold today. And also... Kalkitos, if anyone could remember - I just loved it. Although I couldn't have my own Sahibba or Saidina back then but Mom still make it up with a much cheaper Chinese-version of monopoly, the one with the game board made of a very thin paper where you can fold it and the game tokens/chips are made of very cheap plastic.

Those little things that Mom did to our lives, really make us who we are today. Thanks Mak for everything. I would do anything for you, but please don't ask me 'that' something... the answer will always be May... maybe yes or maybe not.

Happy Mother's Day. I LOVE YOU!

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teek said...

thank you for dropping by to my blog.

thanks to you, now i missed my kalkitos horribly! :P goodness, if i stored it carefully, i would have a collection of kalkitos right now and open a museum to display it!!! darn it, where's my kalkitos?!

happy mother's day to ur Mak. :D


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