Friday, May 04, 2007

The Best of Us

Just couldn't thank my bro friend, Adi for making my trip to Jakarta and Bandung such a pleasant. Well, maybe it's just a small thing for him since he's working in event organizing company so, organizing this trip for me isn't such a big deal. But, hey it's big for me, dude!!

Jakarta was great, Bandung was awesome and best of all.. to get to meet a friend whom I haven't met for almost 9 years. And most of the time, we ended up talking about our memories working in the university diners back in 1997/8. And our conclusion is that the way we worked, our skills and the dedication could earn us a PhD in Food Serving. :-) And another thing, I know more about him in 5 days than what I knew for the past 10 years.

And Nina, it's been great to see you again and have all the talks, about people, about economy, about hypocrites, about... everything. It feels so nice to have three of us nongkrong, sharing same thoughts, same ideology and way of thinking.. cuwek to others!

Now, one for the album. Cheers!!!

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