Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wah, Senangnya Bercakap!!

Senang sungguh Menteri ni bercakap...

Did he realize he wants TM to bulk up its internet service (speed included) and at the same time reduce its internet access price? Isn't the same principe applies here? Then, if we apply the same principle, Astro also need to bulk up its service (including no more loss of transmission during rainy days) while reducing its price.

Or, should Dato' Wahid just tell the people to use snail mail (instead of email) or just read newspapers/magazine/journals (instead of surfing the www) or just write in personal diary (instead of blogging)? TM tak pernah paksa orang to subscribe to internet.

Kalau semua Menteri bercakap begini, Samy Vellu will say "kalau tak nak bayar tol mahal, ikut saje jalan lama or naik basikal saje" or Shafie Apdal would say "kalau tak sanggup harga gula naik lagi, minum saje kopi tanpa gula".

Of course the people would make noise when a price of some things or services are increased, but I don't expect such a STUPID reply from a very senior minister. BODOH!

And all the free channels could provide are mediocre programs. Besides the government-fed news (yang memang bias gila, nak tunjukkan diorang je lah yang hebat) the type of entertainment that RTM could provide on Saturday nights is the stupid pre-recording concert. In Indonesia, they have live concerts even on weeknights, and they're free! How many free channels do they have? More than double what we have.

Again, BODOH! Kalau dah duduk tahap tinggi macam tu pun BODOH, apa yang boleh diharapkan daripada rakyat?!


adi said...

diorang lebih penting kan issue menggong.

macam mana nak bina human capital...punah semua factor k-economy


famil said...

samy did say 'kalau tak mahu bayar toll, sila guna jalan bandaran'..

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