Monday, June 04, 2007

How smart is SMART?

Is SMART really smart?

(from SMART website) Studies had indicated that the critical stretch of Sg Klang between Sg Klang/Sg Ampang confluence and Sg Gombak/Sg Klang confluence to be flood prone areas and the fact that the river is further constrained by the Jln Tun Perak bridge (near Masjid Jamek) which is low, has resulted in the surrounding areas to experience flash floods.

The motorway tunnel will provide an alternative route for motorists from the Southern Gateway, i.e. KL-Seremban Highway, Federal Highway, Besraya and East-West Link entering and exiting the city center. This will reduce traffic congestion at the Souther Gateway leading to the city center. The travel time will be reduced significantly.

Great! Good investment, good planning to ease motorists' headache going into the city.

But is the project really well-planned, taking into considerations of natural, external, existing surrounding factors...

(from Harian Metro today) After two hour of rain yesterday.

Now, is SMART really smart? Or is the people planning it really smart?

My judgment: I never believed that Malaysia's town planners are smart.

Analogy: How smart a Prime Minister is, he is still dumb if his advisor or people around him are dumb. He'll be even dumber is his son-in-law is a big-time dumb. Like last time we always say, stupid dumb-dumb.

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