Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bogor - Remember the Infamous APEC's Declaration

On 15th November 1994, the economic leaders of APEC, came together at Bogor to chart the future course of our economic cooperation which would enhance the prospects of an accelerated, balanced and equitable economic growth not only in the Asia-Pacific region, but throughout the world as well. Years gone, people still refer to Bogor Declaration when talking about free-trade and bilateral or multi-lateral economic cooperation.

(from Indonesia Tourism) Bogor, also called the city of rain, is 50km away from Jakarta and was previously known as "Buitenzorg" (Sans soucis or Without worries), during the Dutch colonial era. Appropriately named by the Dutch as a town "without worries", they chose Bogor to be the site for constructing the first palace of the Dutch Governor General way back in 1745. Later restored in 1832, the palace still stands solid and elegant today with its stretched out gardens where deer roam freely on the green grass under majestically tall old trees.

Bogor, is famous with its botanical garden or Kebun Raya and in the garden is the palace "Buitenzorg". The world-famous Bogor Botanical Garden borders the Palace Grounds, covering an area of 87 hectares with thousands of species of plant life from all over the world. There are over 15,000 species of trees and plants, 400 varieties of palms alone. The orchid houses contain over 3000 orchid varieties.

We don't have to be a horticulturalist to enjoy the gardens, it is a masterpiece of design and a wonderful place to just stroll and enjoy the company of family and friends. See the original "Havea Brazilliensis" rubber tree, formerly imported from Brazil, and world's largest flower, the Rafflesia, a foul smelling and stem less as well as leafless plant.

Tips: Tripod may be useful in the following conditions: 1) when you go there alone, like myself; 2) when your friend who's also an avid photographer and he/she just don't have time to take your pictures; 3) when you don't trust your friend or anyone in the public to take good pictures with the right angel, etc.


sity29 said...

amboiiii....hensem nya akar pokok tu ehhehe :P

Anonymous said...


I once left a comment for your "AirAsia flight ticket" post somewhere in January this year, remember?

Just to inform you, I mmg dah ada blog lama dah.

And anyway, can see that you are so into Indo songs. Me too! Hehee.. In fact Ruang Rindu was the first song I use as the bground song. Lama dah lagu tu. Few mths no 1 kat carta lagu kat sana. Kat sini je baru main.

Byk lagi lagu yg best2 dari sana. My MP3 player penuh Indo songs only. Heh..

deOughtred said...

sity29.. akar pokok tu bukan sahaja hensem, besaaaarrr dan gebbu gebbu belaka..

cinderellin.. thanks, so you'll be off to jakarta in augustus ya? lambat nya.. i'm also into indo songs now, slank is cool, ungu - there are lots of nice song than just the demi waktu.. when you got there, shop around for MP3 compilation CDs, they cost around RM10 for 3 CDs and you'll get <100 MP3 songs per CD (but some songs are duplicate). so, enjoy your trip to the max ok.

tips: spend less time in hotel room even if you got the nicest hotel.. heheheh

Anonymous said...

oke, will take note.
thanx banget ya! :)

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