Thursday, May 17, 2007

One Stress Less

Malaysia lost again in football. They came into the competition hoping to qualify behind Japan, instead they're now behind Syria and could sunk at the bottom behind Hong Kong, a team they lost to earlier, by end of the tournament.

Talking about population, Malaysia should do better and have more talents in football than Syria and Hong Kong whose population is around 19 mil and 7 mil, respectively. And Syria was 1 player down with 20 minutes to go in the game.

Analogically, Malaysian football is about the same as the English. English always think they can win Euro Cup or the World Cup, but they're just not up to that standard which comparable to other teams in their region. Just like us, we always put high hope for the team to do well in SEA Games, AFF Games, bla bla bla (some even put hope for us to win competitions), but the fact is that we're far below the standard of others. So stop hoping something big from Malaysian football team! If they win, it's good and take it as bonus. If not, who cares!

To rub salt to the wound, football is always dubbed the nation's numero uno sports! Considering world ranking of our various sports, shouldn't we start considering sports like squashy or hockey or badminton or lawn bowls or bowling as our numero uno?! Seems like we still live on history and never want to move on. Yes, I still hear people talk about Mokhtar Dahari, Soh Chin Aun.. So what?!

So, from today, I will never never again watch Malaysian football matches at international or national levels, until one day when Malaysia qualifies to World Cup. And just let the Monkeys who run the FAM be happy as long as they want.

One stress less for me!

Are we always bad in making choices or decision, like deciding what's the numero uno sport for the country? Aahh talking about bad choice, remember when the Prime Minister left to Perth to open the Puteri Nasi Kandar while people in Johor is facing the most disastrous flood in our history? The restaurant, dubbed earlier as 'Asian McDonald-like franchise idea' has now closed shop after just five months. And some of the Johoreans are still without decent homes.

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