Wednesday, December 13, 2006

You Scratch My Back, I Corat-Coret Your Back

Coming towards the end of the year words like personal competency assessment, performance evaluation, bla bla bla pop-up again in our life. Like it or not, they could be the most important things in our life, to determine how much bonus or increment and promotion we deserved.

In my company there is this thing called 360-degree feedback. Its a "HR tool that gives the individual a clear view of their performance at work. Opinions are gathered from the person being assessed, people that report to them, their peers and their supervisors and also their internal customers". Or in other words, your superior, selected peers and subordinates will provide feedback on your competencies. And I've 15 colleagues whom I've to provide feedback on their competencies.

I don't know how effective the tool is to "help the organization in planning the career development, succession planning, reinforce the current assessment practice and the assessment of future talents?"

Are you familiar with the terms.. "You scratch my back and I'll scratch your back..." They should put this sign in office or at least in bosses' rooms. :-)

Lucky in corporate world, 'corat-coret' people's back not happen all the time, usually towards end of the year only. Unlike in politics, it happens all year long even ones could 'corat-coret' someone's back while he/she is sleeping.. ooppsss hopely just 'corat-coret' the top part of the body!

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