Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Eragon - Keep Holding On

I went to watch Eragon on the weekend and I can say it's one of the best movies (from just the handful movies - of course I'm being very selective about going to cinema to watch movies) I've watched this year. The story line was good, no boring part anywhere in the movie, just that the fight scene at the end between Eragon and Durza was a bit 'easy' for Eragon. From the review I read from Yellow Post, I think there'll be prequels to the movie, just like Star Wars.

So, enjoy the clip and Avril Lavigne's Keep Holding On.

You're not alone : together we stand : I'll be by your side : you know I'll take your hands : When it gets cold : and it feels like the end : there's no place to go you know I won't give in : Keep holding on : 'cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through : Just stay strong : cause you know I'm here for you, I'm here for you : There's nothing you can say, nothing you can do : there's no other way when it comes to the truth : So keep holding on : cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through : So far away I wish you were here : before it's too late this could all disappear : before the doors close : and it comes to an end : but with you by my side I will fight and defend : I'll fight and defend, yeah yeah : Hear me when I say, when I say : I believe nothing's gonna change : nothing's gonna change destiny : what ever is meant to be : will work out perfectly yeah yeah yeah yeah...


To parents, dont worry to bring your kids to watch the movie as there's no kissing scene at all. After all, I think Princess Arya is too old for Eragon. And dont be surprised if your kids would like to have a dragon for Christmas or their birthdays!! I would like to have one for me, too!

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happy2gether said...

I've watched this movie too...LOVE it...i think it's a bit similar to Lord of the rings...but I love the relationship between him and the dragon...wish I have one too ;-)

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