Friday, December 01, 2006

Piece From YK: Siapa Punya Selera?

It was a really great trip to Jogya despite the hot hot weather. It was raining heavily the day I arrived and my friends there said I brought 'rahmat' from KL. :-)

YK (YK is the official code for Jogyakarta) is a nice city, so peaceful, no stress, cheap food, cheap clothes, cheap everything and the people there love to hang out, not just on weekends but also on week nights.

So, if you ask me if I would visit YK again.. the answer is a definite Yes! YK, the town, the life, the people, the food, the purchasing power, the traffic (a little bit)... they're just my taste. Like the cigarette ad says.. Pria Punya Selera!!

Thanks Om for inviting me to YK and for the accommodation, foods, transport. Never did I spend just RM210 during my oversea trip. :-)

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