Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Silent Hours - It's So Unproductive

For those who has spent some time of your life in boarding school, you must be familiar with 'silent hours'. It's not just applied in library, but also in classroom during afternoon or night prep hours, and worst still it's also applied in dormitories.

What an unproductive mean to discipline students - by making them to zip their mouths?! I remember it was so boring that I could not talk to my friends, even scratching my 'balls' would have produced the loudest sound. I ended up sleeping - what an unproductive way to spend your time growing up. I still couldn't find any logic to have 'silent hours' in schools or in hostels.

No wonder why Malaysian students always keep mum in classroom, no questions asked, no debating on issues. We're all well trained and disciplined by the 'silent hours'!!


KNizam said...

terkenang aku pada silent hour kat koleq dulu. hehehehe

Kelvin said...

Hello & Seasons Greetings form down under in New Zealand. I don't know if you celebrate xmas in your country, but if you do, I hope you have a good day. All the best.

deOughtred said...

aku pun tak tau sampai sekarang, whats the rationale behind silent hours... macam memaksa orang tidur, rather than having a session for informative discussion (chewahhh)

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