Tuesday, December 05, 2006

3 Decades On Earth

Yesterday marked the 30th year I'm on earth. One friend said, some people face mid-life crisis even as early as they turn 30.

At first, I just couldn't believe that because it's just another day, nothing to worry. And, probably you'll get to live for another 30 years and still lots of time to get to do things you've not done or accomplished.

Somehow, the feeling of being 30s crept inside me and instead of having a jolly mood, I was a bit down on my birthday. I walked differenty - a bit slower pace than the normal fast pace and long stride, I just smile without reasons to people - you know like pakcik-pakcik and makcik-makcik.. but luckily, I'm back to myself today, it's just the same me, like a year before.

Thanks to all who send birthday wish to me - mostly with welcome to the 30s group message. Duhhh....

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