Sunday, December 03, 2006

Piece From YK: C'mon Be Gen X?

This is a pair of one of the most fancy shoes I've ever own. In fact, probably, this could be the only pair! :-) Although the shoes might not be so fancy to some people, it's just fancy enough for me... I bought it before my trip to YK, no specific reason why I bought it. Maybe it was my first leisure trip abroad that I need to be more casual or maybe I just want to feel younger especially when I turn 30 tomorrow... :-( Or I just want to be part of the Generation X!!!

However, in Jogyakarta, how fancy your clothes are or your hair style is, or how many nose rings you have, you still can't declare yourself as Gen X until you visit the famous bakery store in Plaza Ambarrukmo. Cant remember the name but surely you can notice it by looking at the long queue at the cashier or when you can find signs like this...

Gue gaul, dong!!!


Gaul means (if I'm not mistaken) trendy, up-to-date in terms of fashion and lifestyle

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