Thursday, January 21, 2010

Women at the cashiers

Not just that they like to waste time shopping or worse still, window shopping for hours and hours and come home empty handed. They also like to waste time while paying for things at a cashier, it can be at grocery stores, shopping malls, or food outlets.

First, the wait for the cashier to finish totaling up the amount due, then they look at the cashier machine display. Sometimes, they even ask the cashier again what is the amount due, "Berapa?" sometimes they ask twice. Then, they place the handbag they hang around their arms on the cashier counter, unzip/unbutton their handbags, look for their purse, take out their purse, unzip/unbutton the purse, look for notes, count notes. Look again at the cashier machine display for the amount due.

Look for coins. They sometimes look for exact change even the total amount due is $XX.95. Damn! Then, they shake shake their purse, looking for the 5-cent coins, before they hand the money to the cashier. Then, they look at the cashier counting the money, accept any balance, rearrange the notes so that the face are facing the same direction, put them in their purse, zip/button the purse, put the purse inside their handbag, zip/button the handbag, lift the handbag off the cahsier counter and put them around the arm, before they leave the cashier counter.

Damn! That's a lot of things to make payment! I suggest they can skip the whole process after receiving the balance due to them, by just putting them in their bras. That will save at least 20 seconds dude! But please ensure the 'money clip' in the bras can clip well!


Arc said...

pakai cc visa wave lagi senang zass..zasss

Anonymous said...


jimat masa polis kerana tiada lagi kes ragut, kes pecah kereta, kes samun dll.

Bra is the safest place to keep your money. they should invent bra with pocket and zip at the side! said...

yorais sure suka giler kalau bab simpan dalam bra nih.. ancient katernyerrrr!!! huhu

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