Monday, January 18, 2010

11th to 17th

Halo gang (bukan gang! gang! gang!)!

Ok, last week nothing much interesting things happened at the beginning of the week, all about work, going through traffic jam, gymming. Then on Tuesday night, I had to drive back to Shah Alam to attend meetings in KL on Wednesday and drove back to Johor Bahru that Wednesday afternoon after having coffee with Ombak. As usual, it was always fun with Ombak and it seems there were too much to talk about with so little time.

Oh, on that afternoon too, I met an old friend (age-wise, he's old too!), who is my colleague in Proton. Not just a colleague at work but he was also the President of Proton Sports Club while I was the Secretary. He confirmed the rumors that he'll be joining one of Iskandar outfits starting in February, and he'll be one of the big bosses. All I can say is that he'll be the No. 2 man in the outfit.

Friday was all about the evaluation of 2009 performance. I was supposed to meet my boss for the challenge session after prayer but he moved it earlier to 12pm. It took less than 30 minutes and I'm happy with the review (although I'll not get my promotion yet) and agree on certain things moving forward, etc.

That morning also, an HR person from the Emerald company called me up requesting me to clarify my work experience, salary expectation and notice period. Hmmm... but she did not elaborate further like whether I'm in or what. But from my google search, this is a normal practice by the Emerald, i.e. Chit-chat session which also acts as the Technical Evaluation session followed by Structured Interview and if successful, a call from HR to negotiate salary and finally placement which the employment offer letter will be sent out. But it may take moons from one stage to another. Just wish me luck.

Last weekend, tried to put lots of effort into my running towards the Putrajaya Run in early February. On Saturday morning, managed to do 6.3km under 41 minutes and on Sunday morning, I did 8.4km under 55 minutes. I was totally satisfied with the effort, my preseverence, how my body takes and react to it although the time is a bit slow. Anyway, it is good enough to go under 80 minutes qualifying time for 7.7km in Putrajaya. Will try to go faster next weekend! With that, I think I am ready to sign up for the 10km Energizer Run in Cyberjaya in March. Woohoo!

Went movie-ing, for the second consecutive weekend since deactivating my facebook account. Watched "Adnan Sempit", which I can't believe myself why am I watching that movie, blame it on my housemate. Anyway, it is a light, romance-comedy movie, with some humorous scenes that make you laugh really loud. Seriously! If you really want to watch this movie, go with open mind, don't expect sci-fi, hi-tech CGI, crafty storyline, bla, bla, bla. The movie is like eating kuaci, you'll not get full eating kuaci, they're not tasty also and some people may think you're like hamster who eat kuaci. Get it?

But thumbs up to David Teo who used the airtime he got/bought with all the "Behind the Scene" scenes that you're poisoned to go watch the movie in cinema. Amazingly, he successfully get kids to influence their parents to bring them to cinema although it's not really a movie for kids (well, it's romance, rempit movie) , i.e. Senario, etc. And, oh, I just loved the roles played by the supporting actors/actresses in the movie, e.g. Bobby (Along-Cham Raja Lawak), Macha (Cat Farish), they're so funny!

And had lunch in Tanjung Adang, Gelang Patah. Very nice food, we ate crabs, squids and enjoyed the scenery.

(all pictures taken using BlackBerry Curve 8310)

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famil said...

eating kuaci is addictive, once you start, you cant stop.. cerita adnan sempit cam tu jugak ka?

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