Saturday, June 23, 2007

Aci apa lagi?

The word 'aci' means auntie in Tamil betul ke? But, when we were young we always use the word in games we play like, "aci ke tak aci?" (legal or not) or as prefix to the name of the game we played, like 'aci nyorok' ( 'aci' in this sense equals 'le' in french).

Besides after 5pm daily being the best time to 'play', the other best times are recess time during school hours. We used to play all out during recess time and would come back to classroom all sweated out, like just coming out from sauna with shirts on.

Did we eat? Yes.. but just for 5 minutes and the other 15 minutes were for fun! And unfinished games would be continued the next day.

The most rigorous games we played during recess time would be football, or soccer for Mr Sam. Luckily rugby wasn't introduced in most schools those days, otherwise we would play rugby during the 20-minute period. The less rigorous would be 'batu seremban' but it wasn't played in boys schools ada jugak ke budak lelaki main game ni?. The boys would play 'tepuk card' alternatively <-- this could be Gambling 101, without we realizing it.

In between, there were 'aci jengket', 'police sentry', 'galah panjang', 'aci nyorok', and for girls there was 'zero point', the game played with a chain of rubber bands.

Kids these days.. I wonder what are they doing during recess time? And I know my friend who only allow her kids to go out playing at 5pm only on weekends... poor kids these days.

No wonder why the Minister of Education is calling for this...

So, who's to be blamed? Teachers? Parents? Kids???

I always remember when playing 'aci nyorok' or hide-and-seek, we always make (in whatever ways we could, by cheating most of the times) a friend of us become the seeker one round after another. And after five to six straight rounds being a seeker, he would cry and went home. Romzy, where are you now?!

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