Monday, June 25, 2007

AZAIG 6th liversary

As Zewt As It Gets (AZAIG), one of the blogs I visit almost everyday which have new entry almost everyday, too, is celebrating its 6th month anniversary.

So on the 6th month anniversary, Zewt (the author) is asking its readers to tell him how bad his writing/blog is. And, because it is so bad (and that I visit his blog almost everyday), I'm paying a special tribute special ke? to AZAIG by linking it here.

What makes it so special? You ought to read my favorite entry in AZAIG. Here's some preview...

How much it makes a difference removing bra with:
a) Both hands
b) One hand
c) Your teeth

read on...

Happy anniversary Zewt. Keep on blogging!

1 comment:

zewt said...

thanks bro... this is certainly too flattering... :)

i guess you're very intrigued with the diet plan eh? haha!

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