Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Where have all the Ss gone?

Well, it's back to Bahasa Malaysia again after going back and forth with Bahasa Melayu. It's just make people confused and all the costs on 'menu' change, where you have to reprint text books, workbooks, etc etc.

Anyway, came across this article on Cheer 2007 competition and having looked at the list of participants, I just wonder where have all the letter Ss gone? Or have we officially declared that letter Z now represents plural?

Those who find it's cool to replace S with Z, I think you're really backdated, 'kampong' and I just don't think it's 'gaul'. And don't ever think it's a new invention. People have been using it way before... remember "I wuz here?" And what's wrong with S? Using S doesn't make you sounds old or 'kuno' or what?!

I feel jelek with all the exploitation of language these days. Anyway, good luck to all the participantz, go girlz, go boyz, let'z kick some azz!!!

Reminds me on Terengganuian who steal letter G from Perakian. That's why the former happily eat 'ikang' while the Perakians feed ikan to their 'kucin'


sity29 said...

ehem ehem.. check out my headline hehehe :P

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam deOughtred
Using the last alphabet in the list is okay if it is in a name, but not in proper English words. It is an alternative of sorts.
The problem is the explosion in the use of slangs and terms especially with the advent of SMSes. I am one of those who spell out my words in the SMS. I wouldn't want people to make the mistake of reading the messages.
Of late, I've heard people saying "anyways..." Is that proper English? Back in my schooldays, I would have been penalised heavily if I use that.

Mpro said...

"I wuz ere"

zewt said...

cant blame them... z zounds muzh morez glamorouz thanz s.... :)

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